Emergency Contact Details

During Holiday Periods or when the office is closed, should you be experiencing urgent electrical or plumbing issues, please contact the following tradesman to attend to the issue. PLEASE NOTE that this is for emergency cases only (if your electricity is not available or having a sewer blockage or flooding issues).


Carl (Metrospark Electrical) - 0416 125 717
John (Way Guo Electrical) - 0411 308 389


James Stoddart Plumbing - 0414 904 839
Mark (Exceptional Plumbling) - 0449 891 611


Hot Water Systems:
Parramatta Hot Water Service - 9630 6683


Should the above tradesman be not available, you can choose your own tradesman to carry out the work, but you will have to arrange payment first. Please ask for an invoice and you will be reimbursed for the cost of the repair ONLY if an invoice is forwarded to our office.